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The proportion of people travelling by air in the present fast world, more or less matches to those using other modes. Aero planes are no longer viewed as an expensive mode of transport, credits to their incomparably lesser travel time and heavier salary packages. However, air tickets can heavily slash your money in certain cases like late bookings or excess luggage.
We offer to help you out in such times of crisis. The discount codes extended by us can be redeemed in the following ways:

  • Distance codes, DSTC: You have to book a near date ticket and your destination is xxx km far. This coupon works as a percentage reduction of the distance xxx from the ticket price.
  • Seat codes, STC: Need to book that side seat, or the neighboring seat for your family? The seat discount codes help you reduce the seat selection charges, based on your base price of the ticket.
  • Meal codes, MLC: Avail this attractive code to get a meal of your choice at half the price or completely free, as decided by your total ticket price.
  • Luggage codes, LGC: Anxious about the huge luggage you plan to carry with you on air, or when you are almost sure that it will cross the maximum permissible free luggage? Luggage codes can help you reduce your luggage costs and can even shield you in case of unexpected higher luggage weight.
  • Cab code, CDC: You require a cab service from your point of departure to the airport or from the airport to your place of stay. This code gives you lower fares determined by the distance you travelled by air.


Our Terms and Conditions

  • Like the other regular discount codes, our codes come with the term and condition that you should remember to select the coupon of your choice at the time of ticket booking, without fail.
  • The codes come with a validity of three months from the date of selection. In case of ticket cancellation, the coupon code also stands cancelled, but can be availed for the next travel within three months.
  • The coupon codes can be used even if you are a passenger travelling with a concession, as offered by the Air Travels, or your employer.
  • If the coupon alone is cancelled before travel, it cannot be redeemed again with another ticket.

So here is your innovative chance to travel by air much more lightly, just by a little exploration of the booking sites for us before you pick the booking and check in.

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